Company Information


Harriman Property Management Limited (HPML) and Harriman Management Services Limited (HMSL), founded in 1968, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Wheelock and Company Limited, a reputable publicly listed investment company in Hong Kong (Stock Code: 20). As the executive arm of the developer, HPML and HMSL are responsible for delivering property, asset management and tenancy administration services, to its developed and managed properties.

HPML and HMSL have established a highly dedicated team of professionals with a wealth of experience and recognized qualifications in a wide range of professional disciplines. Our pool of management expertise includes: Registered Professional Housing Managers, Professional Facility Managers, Holders of Bachelor and Master Degrees in Housing Management, Registered Professional Engineers as well as Certified Public Accountants. Their ultimate objective and mandate is to provide the highest standard of services to our clients and customers.

Our property portfolio comprises Residential, Commercial, Retail and Industrial properties of varying sizes and locations. In line with the commitment to our customers for continuous improvement , we have identified a Deluxe Residential and Office Portfolio managed by our Premium Property Management Specialist.

A number of our management contracts go back for more than 40 years, which is testimony to HMPL’s integrity and commitment in building strong and long-term partnerships, that stand the test of time.