Green Initiatives

HPML and HMSL have long been staunch supporters of environmental protection initiatives. We are fully committed and take our responsibility towards environmental protection very serious. We make it our duty to protect the environment, so as to provide a cleaner and greener City for all.

A major milestone was the creation of our Environmental Protection and Promotion Committee, formed in 2004, with the aim to implement Environmental Management Systems and to promote environmental awareness amongst our Associates and Customers. The system addresses important issues such as energy saving plans, reduction of carbon emission and comprehensive waste elimination and recycling schemes.

Our steadfast commitment was given due recognition, by being recognized as a “Carbon Audit – Green Partner” by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), for our commitment to the reduction of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

We have undertaken various activities in support of greenhouse gas emission reduction and have been conferred with the printed Carbon Reduction Charter at the First Anniversary of the “Green Hong Kong – Carbon Audit” Campaign organized by EPD in 2009.

Harriman encouraged our client to participate the different energy saving , details please refer to the below hyperlink: