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Silver Awards won in the Good Housekeeping Campaign 14-15


Harriman participated in the “Good Housekeeping Forum and Award Presentation 2014-15” which was organized by Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC) while Wing On House won the Silver Awards of both the Good Housekeeping Plan Award (Other Industries) and Best Presentation Award. Our success of promoting occupation safety and health culture in workplaces as well as its remarkable result is widely recognized in the industry and all our Associates.

Harriman has put unremitting effort to promote Occupational Safety and Health to her Associates and contractors with persistence in professionalism. Through implementation of comprehensive occupational safety and health management system, all properties which are managed by Harriman are committed to strictly follow safety policy and respective safety measures of the company. To further improve occupational safety health conditions in workplaces, company constantly provides training courses, seminars and sharing sessions, such as 5S Good Housekeeping Training, Tool Box Talk and Safety Warm-up exercises, as well as implemented safety tool “Pointing and Calling” aiming at minimizing potential risks arising from negligence  .

All of these measures not only greatly enhanced work efficiency and customer service quality, but also improved the overall satisfaction rate of the team as well as our working partners.

It is encouraging to receive the award through the full support from both our Associates and whole company. This successful experience will be a sound bases for the ongoing development of Harriman in the coming future.