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Harriman’s Energywi$e to Enhance Building’s Cost Effectiveness


Wheelock House, the signature property managed by Harriman is evaluated as the best performing organization in the “Energywi$e Label” by Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) in 2013.  

Wheelock House was approaching the age of 30.  Abnormal increasing consumption of electricity of the building central air-conditioning system has been noted for recent years.  Upon detailed study and analysis conducted by Harriman’s experts, a comprehensive upgrading work, i.e. to replace the air-cooled chiller system by the water-cooled one was recommended aiming at substantial reduction of utility consumption and carbon emission which was fully supported by all the owners. The electricity consumption of the system was therefore significantly reduced by almost 40% when compared with that of Year 2012.  Such remarkable and encouraging result proves the professional judgment and expertise of Harriman in promoting green and energy reduction.