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“Project WeCan – Job Tasting Program 2014”


To offer the students an opportunity to participate in the job hunting process and experience the real work-life, Harriman & HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School (BCKSS), our Project WeCan partnering school, firstly launched their co-organized “Project WeCan - Job Tasting Program 2014” this year. In these Easter and Summer holidays, there were 21 BCKSS Secondary 5 & 6 students attended for 1 to 4 weeks at Harriman’s managed properties and its Head Office, to experience different job duties and familiarize with the daily operations of a property management company.

At the end of the program, the participating students conducted presentations in the sharing sessions on 6 June and 7 July respectively to introduce their job duties and share with all department Heads, mentors, teachers and other students their valuable experience gained from this program. The students expressed that they had been benefited a lot from the program which helped them to widen their horizon including understanding on the roles and duties of different property management functions,  acquiring essential people skills and right working attitude through learning from interactions  with customers and colleagues.

     In the sharing session, mentors of different departments shared their observations and comments to students for improvement and their feelings towards the program. Lastly, “Certificate of Completion” were presented to the students and in return they presented gifts to the mentors such as thank-you cards or hand-made souvenirs in gratitude for their kind guidance