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Project WeCan "Table Manner Class at Pacific Club"


To enhance exposure and enrich the table manner knowledge of the Project WeCan students, Harrriman arranged the HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School, the partnering school under Project WeCan Programme, 20 students from S1 to S6, who were the best performers in the school’s extra-curricular activities, to attend a Table Manner Class at Pacific Club on 26 June 2014.

In this enjoyable class, the students learnt a lot from the Pacific Chef and the Club Managers on how to fold table napkins nicely in different occasions, use the different dining utensils properly and learn appropriate table manners during the course of dining. They also had the opportunity to taste and enjoy signature European dishes such as fettuccine, risotto and dessert.


Having a pleasant atmosphere during the class, the students were very delighted. They also showed strong interests by raising their concerns and sharing what they learnt and felt among themselves.  The students’ knowledge was enriched and vision was widened with their heartfelt thanks to the Pacific Club Chef and the Club Managers.