Security Guarding

HPML and HMSL have their own security licenses. We are qualified to provide lawful and quality security guarding services to our customers. All personnel are well trained before deployment to our properties. Tight supervision and regular checks by our management teams ensures strict security control, with the ultimate concern to protect and safeguard the people within our properties.

Various sophisticated procedures are devised to assist our front line staff to handle any emergencies or contingencies.

We understand that top-notch and around-the-clock security services are vital for the safety of our properties. As such, we established a 2-tier monitoring system, to ensure the highest level of alertness at any time:-

  • 24-hour Control Centre for constant communication and supervision.
  • Appointment of an independent security specialist to monitor the performance through regular surprise checks.

We are very proud that 14 of our properties have received highly sought-after awards and accolades from various Government departments including The Hong Kong Police Force, acknowledging our tremendous efforts and commitment to Safety and Security.