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Won Various Awards in The 15th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award

07 Oct 2016

Harriman participated in the 15th Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health - Forum and Award Presentation 2016 which was organized by Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC) and The Labour Department. Telford House is one of our prime office buildings winning the Silver Award among a total of nearly 35 various units in this competition, including the field of Property management, Construction and Engineering Sectors.

Harriman has put unremitting effort to promoting and sustaining Occupational Safety and Health as well as providing comfortable and excellence work environment to occupants and employees. Daily work performance and efficiency at Telford House have been greatly improved through the application of Pointing and Calling”, one of the most effective method in occupational safety and the result is extremely encouraging. “Zero” record of work injury case in the past two years was achieved.

This safety tool effectively motivates operators on their co-action and co-reaction among the brain, eyes, hands, mouth, and ears which assist them in keeping their focus and attention while carrying out the work and minimize potential risks arising from negligence.

In the same Ceremony, Wheelock House (represent of Harriman Property Management Ltd.) and Bailey Garden (represent of Harriman Management Services Limited) have also acquired the “Safety Performance Award”, thanks to its stringent safety management system and comprehensive training, in order to commend the building which is executing their outstanding safety performance and promote the safety culture in the work.