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ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme - Manpower Developer 2016-2020

04 May 2018

Harriman continues support the ‘ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme’ that organized by the Employee Retraining Board (ERB) as we believe that people is an important asset to our success.   We invest heavily in talent development in order to cultivate a forward looking and enthusiastic culture within our organization.  Starting 2013, Harriman collaborates with several local universities, such as Hong Kong Polytechnic University and City University of Hong Kong to launch “ Harriman Summer Internship Programme” to nurture students who intend to develop their career in the industry. The collaboration aims at developing potential talents for property management, by providing an internship program for them to acquire experience of the operations of the industry.

The honour not only affirms our effort in talent development, and this becomes the motivation for us to continuously promote the culture of manpower training and development and dedicate ourselves for more professional property management services.