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Social Capital Builder Awards 2018

18 Dec 2018

Social capital is essential for the economic prosperity and sustainable development of a society; it creates a caring society with mutual trust and solidarity.  The Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) of the Labour and Welfare Bureau has organised the biennial Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards since 2012.  The Awards provide an opportunity for various sectors of the community to witness and share the achievements in building social capital in Hong Kong. 

Our core values are Professional, Trust and Quality Service.  We build mutual trust with our employees, property owners, tenants and other stakeholders in the course of service, through participation in this contest we aim to enhance and share our core values with them.  Our managed property Wing On House was awarded the Social Capital Builder Logo Awards this year.  This recognizes our efforts in building social capital, promoting mutual trust and creating a caring society and we will continue striving to build social capital.