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Harriman won the 2018 Security Services Best Training Award Silver Award

25 Mar 2019

For the second consecutive year, Harriman has received the Silver Award in the Security Services Best Training Award which was co-organised by the Security Services Training Board of the Vocational Training Council and the Hong Kong Police Force.  This award is presented to the security services team at our managed property One Midtown in recognition of their outstanding performance and dedication in providing secure and safe environment to One Midtown’s owners and tenants. 

Property security is our first priority.  With this objective, our devoted security team regularly participates in a wide variety of security service trainings to upkeep their skills and know-hows in order to deliver professional security services to our customers and safeguard their properties.

To pursue service excellence, Harriman deploys abundant resources in providing comprehensive training to all our  security associates with an aim to provide superior security services and protect the best interests of our customers.