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Good Housekeeping Forum and Award Presentation 2019

20 Dec 2019

The Good Housekeeping Forum and Award Presentation 2019 is organised by the Occupational Safety & Health Council with the objective to encourage organizations to improve their working environment and workplace safety whilst cultivate employee’s sense of belonging. 

Harriman understands Good Housekeeping in the workplace facilitate operation efficiency and it is an important operation standard.  Our managed property, Telford House, has implemented meticulous Good Housekeeping plans in the workplace and has been awarded with Merit Award.  Moreover, a number of our managed properties are very supportive and participated in the Good Housekeeping Day and they have received recognition from the organiser.

We have received the following awards:-

  • Good Housekeeping Plan – Merit Award (Other Industries) – Telford House
  • Good Housekeeping Day – Best Presentation Award – Metro Loft
  • Good Housekeeping Day – Certificate of Participation – Capri, Monterey, Savannah, The Parkside, One Bay East (DMC), China Insurance Group Building, Kowloon Godown and Wing On House