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“The Best Property Related Services Awards 2023” Presentation Ceremony

31 Oct 2023

“The Best Property Related Services Awards 2023” presentation ceremony, organized by the Hong Kong Property Services Alliance, was held at Tsim Sha Tsui Community Hall on 17 October 2023. This competition received support from the property management industry, with companies by sending their top employees to participate.

Staff members of Harriman Property Management Limited (hereafter "Harriman") received a total of 7 “Merit Awards” in the award categories of " Best Property Management Personnel," " Best Security Guard," " Best Cleaner," " Best Engineer," and " Best Gardener". These awards recognized the outstanding performance of Harriman Teams in various categories of the property management domain.

Harriman has always prioritized employee development through diverse training programs, enabling staff members to deliver quality and attentive property management services.