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Harriman's "Care for the Elderly" Program Visiting Underprivileged Elders to Promote Green Education

11 Jun 2024

Harriman Property Management Limited (Harriman) has been actively engaged in community service. Last Saturday, Harriman's Volunteer Team visited underprivileged elders in Aberdeen, in collaboration with Caritas Integrated Family Service Centre -Aberdeen.

During the visit, our dedicated volunteers expressed care for the elders and provided home repair services immediately using their property management expertise.They also shared "eco-tips" to raise awareness on waste reduction at the source, contributing to the creation of a greener community.

The visit was organized just before the Tuen Ng Festival, and our volunteers prepared special "Goodie Bags" for the elders. These bags included rice dumplings ordered from the social enterprise "Time To Gold," along with food containers and reusable recycling bags, demonstrating our support for green initiatives.

Harriman aspires to maintain connections with the community through diverse volunteer activities and make a positive impact. We remain committed to connect with the community through various volunteer activities, continuing to bring positive impacts and foster a harmonious society.