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Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management - Excellence in Facility Management Award 2018.

25 Oct 2018

To promote the facility management profession and recognizing the excellence in performance of delivering quality service to owners and stakeholders, The Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management (HKIFM) organized the Excellence in Facility Management Award (EFMA) 2018.  In this year’s EFMA Award, Harriman proudly won a number of awards, six of our managed properties received EFMA Award 2018 - Commercial Building - Excellence Award (Citi Tower, Telford House and Wheelock House),  EFMA Award 2018 - Industrial  Building - Excellence Award (World Tech Centre) and EFMA Award 2018 - Small-Scale Residential - Excellence Award (Chelsea Court and Lexington Hill).

Our team mebmers put our core value of professional, trust and quality service into their practice and put our tenants concerns on top of their agenda.  They service our clients with cares, friendliness, accountability and dignity and their performance surpass clients’ expectation; their outstanding performances are appreciated and endorsed by many of our clients.  With the above extraordinary performance and strong work ethics, our Associates won the Facility Management People Award (Officer Grade) - Gold Award and Facility Management People Award (Supervisory Grade) - Silver Award, they unquestionably deserving these awards.  This is an important recognition to our team efforts.