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Award Presentation Ceremony for the 2017/18 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

08 Dec 2018

Families are not only the core units of society but also the driving force behind our hard work and our shelters in difficult times.   The Family Council has identified a number of cost-effective family-friendly practices that can serve as useful references for employers. These practices share the common feature of being "people-oriented", whereby employees' needs are addressed. When employees manage to take good care of their families, they can devote more energy to their work and help lift their companies' productivity.

Harriman managed property, Wing On House, is one of the 10 contestants that is being presented with the “Outstanding Family-Friendly Employment Practices 2017/18”  award in commend of our outstanding work related policies and practices as well as our continuous efforts in establishing employee and family care arrangements.  In addition, Wing On House awarded with two other awards in this campaign namely the “Awards for Breastfeeding Support 2017/18” and “Meritorious Family-Friendly Employers 2017/18”, and our other managed property La Hacienda was also received the “Family-Friendly Employers 2017/18” award. Harriman is committed in promoting a culture of loving families within our organization and fostering a mutual beneficial working environment.