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HSBC Living Business Awards 2018

11 Mar 2019

Sustainability is gaining awareness in Hong Kong; we are incorporating social and environmental sustainable measure in our operations aiming to maintain a sustainable future to ensure the well-being and quality of life for us and our future generations.  Being a responsible corporation, Harriman actively promotes and advocates sustainability and we adopt various best practices in our business operations as well as share these practices with our tenants, employees and stakeholders to achieve common good.


In this year’s HSBC Living Business Awards Presentation Ceremony, a number of Harriman managed properties have obtained awards in HSBC Living Business Awards 2018 and achieved remarkable results. 


This year, we received the following awards:


“HSBC Living Business ESG Award” – Certificate of Excellence

Wing On House

One Island South


 “HSBC Living Business ESG Award” – Certificate of Merit


Chelsea Court

Crawford House

Gough Hill Residences

Wheelock House


“HSBC Living Business Award 2018” – Long Term Participation

Chelsea Court