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Hong Kong Island Best Security Services Awards Scheme 2017-2018

31 Dec 2018

Through the Hong Kong Island Best Security Services Awards Scheme 2017-2018, the Hong Kong Police aims to promote and enhance the standard of security services and crime prevention in the property management industry.  The Police Force organized various workshops and seminars in sharing the latest information of crimes and their prevention tactics. 

As our tenants’ safety is always on top of our agenda, our security staff actively participated in these seminars and workshops in order to upkeep their knowledge and skills, they also share their acquired information with other frontline staff such that we are in a better position to protect and safeguard our tenants.

This year a number of our managed properties have received the Outstanding Security Services awards; China Insurance Group Building and Wing On House won awards in the category of “Industrial/Commercial Properties”, Kensington Hill and Lexington Hill won awards in the category of “Residential Properties”.  Meanwhile, our security personnel at Crawford House, One Island South, Wheelock House, Wing On House, Chelsea Court, Kensington Hill, La Hacienda and The Babington have awarded "The Best Security Personnel Awards" and “Outstanding Security Personnel Awards” to commend them for their outstanding performance in security services.