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The 2nd Best Property Safety Management Award 2014/15

19 Mar 2015

The 2nd Best Property Safety Management Award 2014/15 Forum and Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 19 March 2015. Harriman - Cable TV Tower was extremely honoured and proud to have won two awards, they are the Bronze Award of Best Property Safety Management Award, and the Bronze Award of Best Presentation Award in Occupational Safety and Health respectively.

This competition was jointly organized by Occupational Safety and Health Council, Labour Department and The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies. A total of 148 entries were submitted to compete for 4 categories of awards.

The Bronze Awards firmly recognize the sound safety management system established by Harriman and its outstanding safety performance which are widely recognized by professionals from various industries. It gave Harriman great encouragement and inspiration to continue making concerted effort to promote safety awareness and culture to both occupants and the industry.